This year, we wanted to create holiday cards for our customers that were memorable. I had come up with few simple ideas, because non-denominational holiday cards for a manufacturing company is a toughie, but they just didn’t have enough oomph. My boss and I have always drooled over Studio On Fire’s work, and she pulled up this project as we were brainstorming. “What if we did some sort of cut-out thing like this?” She said. We both agreed that it was an awesome idea and got to work trying to think of something super rad. We came up with the idea of a snowman dressed in clean room garb, because we’re a medical device manufacturing company and make many of our devices in clean rooms. I created the little guy in Illustrator, made tons of variations and mockups, tested out different paper types, and finally took him to print. Our holiday card turned out great, and we’re pretty sure it’ll grab our customers’ attention!